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If you are looking to have a piece of luxury in your bathroom then an ever more popular choice is a whirlpool bath, also commonly known as a Jacuzzi bath. A whirlpool bath is designed to provide the ultimate and most relaxing time in the bathtub. The bath becomes the perfect place to unwind after a tiring day.

What is a Whirlpool bath?

Whirlpool baths are different from regular baths as they feature a collection of jets seated in the bath which create a Jacuzzi experience. The jets are positioned around the bath to give a relaxing experience by massaging and soothing tired or aching muscles.

Whirlpool and spa baths do differ slightly from each other:

Whirlpool Baths

A whirlpool bath is slightly more advanced than a regular spa bath as it uses a mixture of air and water to provide stronger flows from the jets.

Spa Baths

A spa bath is a more basic option which only uses air to create a softer stream of bubbles.

Both the whirlpool bath and the spa bath come in a range of designs and styles including freestanding, corner and standard baths.

Chromotherapy Baths

Chromotherapy is also known as colour therapy, it is the practice of using coloured lighting to affect the mood of the bather promoting relaxation and to help be more receptive to the soothing, calming and healing effects of other treatments such as the many and varied programs of a whirlpool or spa bath. This type of bath is ideal for people who suffer from joint or muscular problems.

The benefits of a Whirlpool bath

The advantages that a whirlpool or spa bath has over a regular bath is that the jets can massage you whilst you are bathing which gives you the ultimate relaxing soak. The bubbles can help to ease your tired muscles which in turn can relieve stress and tension. You can choose options for various numbers of jets depending on exactly what you are looking for. Some of the baths feature jets that are seated all the way around the bathtub which target specific body areas, whilst some have adjustable jets so you can create your own perfect flow of bubbles.

A whirlpool bath can also look really good too, some of which are fitted with coloured lighting for design purposes and some for the use of Chromotherapy. Whirlpool baths can also have digital programmers that you can set the temperature, the type of bubbles you want i.e. spa, wave, rapid etc and the length of the time you want the jets on for.  Some whirlpool baths even come with their own self-cleaning program to ensure the jets stay clean and clear.

Exact Bathrooms Cirencester offer a full range of whirlpool baths to suit many bathrooms and budgets.

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