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Taps are a great way to add your own distinct style and decoration to your bath or basin.  It can be a way of updating your existing bathroom suite without the need to change the suite itself. Take a look at all the information that will help with regards to buying taps.

Do have a look at the choice of taps by clicking on the right-hand menus to see pictures and descriptions, or scrolling through the images within the galleries at the bottom of the page.

Which taps are right for your plumbing?

As water pressure varies greatly from house to house, we would advise that you check your water pressure prior to choosing a new set of taps, we would suggest that you use a professional plumber to assess the water pressure as they will give you the information you will need to choose the most suitable taps for your plumbing system.

Exact Bathrooms Cirencester offer a full range of taps to suit every bathroom and every customers budget.

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Aerator Taps

Aerator TapA type of Eco-friendly tap is an Aerator tap which has an air opening where the stream of water comes through, this gives the sensation of having a lot of water coming from the tap but in fact is a very clever way of reducing the amount of water being used, allowing you to help prevent any wastage, especially useful if you are on a water meter.


Basin Taps

Basin TapBasin taps can come in all shapes, sizes and choices no matter what your preference. Basin taps can be a modern or traditional style. Many of the basin taps available can be matched in with bath taps so that it is all a seamless design.


Bath Taps

Bath TapsThere are lots of different bath tap designs, whether you are looking for a sleek and modern look or a more traditional style of tap, there are options to suit everyone’s choices. Some of the bath tap options can also feature shower mixers for a more deluxe choice.


Eco Click Taps

Eco Click TapOne type of eco-friendly tap is an Eco-Click tap which is a tap where the lever has different settings which you can click to increase or reduce the flow of water encouraging less water to be used and not wasted.


Free Standing Bath Taps

floor standing bath tapA freestanding tap is the perfect accompaniment If you also have a freestanding bath.  Together these pieces can look stunning together and give the ultimate visual impact.


Lever Taps

lever tapLever taps are fundamentally taps which can be operated simply by turning their handle through 90 degrees. As a result, these taps are a practical option for those who are elderly or suffer from joint pains.


Modern Taps

modern tapsModern taps compliment Contemporary bathroom suites. They can be square taps, cylindrical taps, taps with levers, mixer taps which is just one tap which mixes both the hot and cold water together, etc… The choices are endless!


Screw Down Taps

screw down tapScrew down taps are the older design style of tap which are still commonly used. The hot and cold taps are ordinarily located separately from each other as two individual pieces. However, there are mixer taps which you can buy that incorporate this style. They are screwed in one direction to turn them on, and in the opposite direction to turn them off. Washers are used within these taps to prevent any dripping or leaking.


Waterfall Taps

Waterfall tapA waterfall tap is for the customer who wants the ultimate modern appeal. These tap designs tend to be more futuristic which will totally transform the look of your basin or bath.


Traditional Taps

Traditional TapsTraditional taps tend to have more period influences such as cross head handles, etc. These styles of taps are perfect for a more Victorian or vintage looking bathroom.


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