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Having a shower installed in your bathroom, whether it be your main bathroom or en-suite, can provide a lovely place to not only cleanse, but to de-stress.

There are many variations of shower to choose from and deciding can be a difficult choice, but as not all showers are suitable for every bathroom, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing your shower. The important areas include your water pressure, the system variations, and the style options.

Shower Styles

Whether your preference is contemporary style or a more traditional design, there are plenty of showers to suit every taste. Most showers comprise of various pieces including the head and arm, as well as options such as slider rails, body jets and exposed or concealed shower valves. All showers can be positioned either within a shower enclosure or over a bath.

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Water Pressure for Showers

Water pressure is measured in Bars, and it is a way of measuring the strength of the water flow as it travels through pipes. Water pressure is an important factor to look into prior to buying any shower as some showers will only work correctly if a certain level of water pressure is supplied. Water pressure can be measured by using a pressure gauge, however enlisting the help and advice of a specialist is a good idea as this will help when it comes to buying the right shower for your bathroom or en-suite.

The Water System in your Home

You will need to know which type of water system you have in your home. This will usually be one of the following a combination boiler gravity fed system, or an unvented hot water system.

If you have a combination boiler: these are boilers which normally allow for a higher water pressure. They do not require a separate hot water cylinder so are space saving boilers.

If you have a gravity fed system: comprising of a cold-water tank and a water cylinder, these systems are a good choice when supplying water in larger homes. They can also be upgraded with pumps to increase the pressure.

If you have an un-vented hot water system: this system allows a greater volume of hot water to be stored. These units feature a water cylinder which is heated by either a boiler or immersion heater.

Which is the right Shower for you?

Having read the detailed information hopefully you can now decide exactly what you want from a shower. The overall style of your Bathroom will dictate whether a modern or more a traditional shower is most suitable, whilst taking into account your water pressure will also play a vital part in deciding what options are realistically suitable for your bathroom or en-suite. A little research goes a long way to help select the perfect shower for you.

Exact Bathrooms Cirencester offer a range of showers including shower enclosures, over bath screens, trays, pumps and accessories, we have something to suit every bathroom need and budget.

Please do feel free to come along to our Cirencester premises and have a chat with Leisa, Matt or one of the team as we are more than happy to give any advice no matter how small the question, or visit us to take a look at the bathroom suites and sanitaryware we currently have on display and pick up one of our bathroom brochures.

We are here to help in any way we can.

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Concealed Showers

Concealed Shower ValveConcealed showers give a more simplified visual look that sits well within both a modern and traditional designed bathroom. The concealed showers feature just an exposed arm and shower head at the top, as well as the shower valve panel/plate which regulates both the water temperature and the water flow. The plumbing pipework is all kept hidden from view as it is positioned behind the walls.


Electric Showers

Electric ShowerFor an energy saving option, electric showers will help to keep costs down. Customers who are still looking for a more luxurious experience are also catered for thanks to the growing popularity of shower towers. Towers feature components such as body jets, and generally offer one of the most relaxing ways to have a shower.


Shower Heads

Shower HeadThere are lots of variations of shower heads from monsoon and drench type heads, square, round and pencil shapes, many come in both modern and traditional styles to suit any all designs of bathrooms.  If you are looking to have a shower with 2 heads i.e. a drench head with a pencil style second head which is situated lower down the wall you just need to ensure that the correct type of shower valve is purchased with multiple outlets.


Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Thermostatic Mixer ShowersThermostatic showers are ideal for a main bathroom where all the family use the shower.  The key element with a thermostatic shower is safety as the shower regulates the temperature of the water coming out of it, which means you’ll never get scalded or suddenly find that the water has turned freezing cold.


Spa Showers

Spa ShowersA spa shower is a self-contained shower unit with a shower spa experience. The unit is complete with the shower included inside the unit and has a standard shower as well as body jets etc. A real indulgent shower experience.


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