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A bath can be the centre piece of any bathroom or larger en-suite. A bath, without doubt, is the piece of a bathroom suite which you sink into relax and nurture yourself. There are so many different designs and styles of baths, from the practical, to the more ornate and the really luxurious styles including freestanding cast iron baths and Jacuzzi baths.  Whether you are looking for a more modern or traditional bath, a bath can transform the appearance of any bathroom.

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Types of Bath Material

Baths are normally made in either acrylic, enameled steel or cast iron.

Acrylic baths are the most common types of baths. which is due mainly to the general affordability and versatility of acrylic. You can have double skinned acrylic baths which are more practical for everyday use as they are a stronger build quality overall. Acrylic baths can be positioned normally anywhere in a bathroom and tend to suit any style of decoration you have chosen.

Other materials used are enameled steel baths which are sturdy baths, they benefit from being able to keep the water warmer for longer due to their insulation properties. Also there are Cast-iron baths which give an air of luxury, their high levels of durability, their ability to keep the water warmer for longer periods of time, plus the fantastic styling make a cast iron bathtub the perfect centrepiece for period style Bathrooms.

Finally another material used is natural stone, these type of baths are beautifully sculpted baths which can look splendid in a contemporary Bathroom, the smooth and sleek lines lend themselves well to a modern style. Due to the thickness of the material a natural stone bath retains the heat for a longer period of time than an acrylic bath. These types of baths are manufactured using natural stone and a mineral resin, which gives a tough, durable finish.

What comes with a bath?

Bath waste

The waste is an essential part of any bath, as it provides a way of draining the water quickly and safely from the bath. All baths require a waste of some kind.  There is a wide variety of wastes to choose from including plug and chain, pop up and clicker options which you can choose to suit the general style of your bath and bathroom.

Bath overflow

Nearly all baths will have some kind of overflow system in their design. A bath overflow adds a level of safety, as it ensures the bath will not overflow. You can choose from modern or traditionally inspired designs in order to create everything matching. The sleeker designs such as square shapes and flat wastes and overflows look great in contemporary and modern bathrooms, whilst a gold coloured option is ideal for a period designed bathroom. All overflows come attached to the waste via a concealed pipe.

Exact Bathrooms Cirencester offer a full range of baths to suit every bathroom and every customers budget.

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Corner Baths

Corner BathIf you want a bath that is more stylish than a standard bath but the space you have available is not enough for a free-standing bath then a corner bath is a good idea. A corner bath is available in both modern and traditional designs.


Double Ended Baths

Double ended bathIf you have a family bathroom then a double ended bath is a great option as they give more room than a standard bath, due to both ends have a sloping design so the taps go in the middle of the edge of the bath making it easier for more than one person to bathe at the same time.


Freestanding Modern Baths

Freestanding Modern BathsA freestanding bath is a show piece in any bathroom.  Freestanding baths are no longer just for the traditional style of bathroom, there are many modern designs now available and in different materials including acrylic and natural stone.


Freestanding Traditional Baths

Freestanding Traditional BathA freestanding bath is a centre piece for any bathroom.  In a traditional style (Victorian or Edwardian) bathroom they complement the surroundings perfectly and you can choose between a traditional or slipper style in either a cast iron or an acrylic material.


Shower Baths

Shower BathShower baths are baths with a wider part at the top of the bath where the shower is.  They are made this way to give more room when having a shower but without losing the ability to still have a bath.  They ordinarily come in two shapes a “P” shape and a “L” shape and can come with the shaped part left or right handed to ensure they will fit all bathrooms.


Standard Baths

Standard BathsStandard baths do not sound glamorous or exciting however the right one can still transform your Bathroom. If you want your bathroom to be practical but still stylish, then a standard bath is a great option as they are affordable and can be styled up by the use of different or unusual taps etc. A standard bath is still the most popular option and they provide a great compromise between looks, practicality and cost.


Twin Grip Baths

Twin Grip BathA twin grip bath is a bath with 2 grip handles either side of the bath. These baths are a great option for people with joint issues that may require some support when not only getting in or out of the bath but also sitting or standing up from lying in the bath. This type of bath is also a great idea for families with small children as it gives them some confidence whilst they are in the bath.


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