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There are many different colours, designs, styles and fittings that bathroom furniture comes in.  Bathroom furniture can be fitted, freestanding, have the sanitaryware integrated within the furniture or as a separate piece of independent furniture.  Bathroom furniture will fit in with either a modern or contemporary style and is an excellent way of creating bathroom storage.

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Freestanding Furniture

Freestanding FurnitureFreestanding Furniture is able to stand, normally against the wall but without the need for additional pieces of furniture to connect it to.


Wall Mounted Furniture

Wall Mounted UnitsAs the name suggests Wall Mounted Furniture is fitted to the wall and can often give the impression that it is floating in mid air.


Fully Fitted Furniture

Fully Fitted FurnitureFully fitted furniture normally arrives as modular pieces which are then joined together to give the fully fitted finish. Available in many different sizes to enable you to connect them together to efficiently fill most spaces.


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