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Bathroom Accessories are the items that complete any bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom.  There are many designs and variations to compliment any bathroom style including modern, contemporary and traditional or Victorian.

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Exact Bathrooms Cirencester offer a full range of bathroom accessories to suit every bathroom and every customers budget.

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Bathroom Cabinets, mirrorBathroom cabinets come in many different styles and sizes so will suit all types of bathrooms. You can have them mirrored, plain, single or double doors. Many cabinets now have lights on to make a feature and some even come with speakers which are bluetooth enabled.


Hooks & Shelves

Traditional Cloakroom HookBathroom shelves and hooks are not only useful but also can be a nice visual accessory.  Many of the manufacturers design for all styles of bathrooms whether you want a modern influence or a more traditional look.

Glass bathroom shelf


Bathroom LightingBathroom lighting is definitely something that can be made into a feature in a bathroom. Alternatively, clever usage of lighting can make a feature of maybe a bath or shower. All lighting has to be specifically for a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom and has to be IP rated.



Bathroom mirrorBathroom mirrors can now be a centre piece.  Bathroom mirrors can be of a traditional style and just be a mirror or more modern mirrors can come with features including lights which can be switched on or are sensory controlled, magnifying if you need a closer look, digital display clocks and even have a TV in centre of the mirror that becomes a full mirror again when the TV is not in use (see bathroom TV accessories for the picture). Mirrored bathroom cabinets are also a functional option to have a cupboard and a mirror in one.


Baskets & Blades

Basket bottle holderBaskets for the shower come in all sorts of styles shapes and sizes some fit over the shower door or glass panel and others are to be attached to the wall. Which ever option is chosen they come in traditional and modern styles.  Shower blades now come as a visually appealing accessory but with the benefit of being so useful to help keep the shower glass panels less watermarked.



Shower Seats

Shower seatShower seats are an important option for the people who may be unstable or cannot stand up for long periods of time.  Some seats can be folded up so as not to take up room in the shower when not in use. Many of the seats are fixed to the wall in the shower and come in a variety of styles or materials.


Soap Holders & Dispensers

single liquid soap dispenserSoap holders are an accessory that can be used for the traditional bar of soap alternatively if you prefer liquid soap it can be put into an attractive soap dispenser.  There are many designs and styles so will match any bathroom be it traditional or modern.


Toilet Accessories

toilet roll holderToilet accessories are toilet roll dispensers, toilet brushes, toilet roll holders etc. Like all the other accessories, styles and designs are a plenty and can be found to suit each type of bathroom and ensuite or cloakroom and budget.


Toothbrush & Glass Holders

Toothbrush HoldersToothbrush and glass holders vary in style and design. If for instance you have a smaller sized basin then an option is to choose a style where they are secured to the wall, alternatively you can select the freestanding style. Modern and traditional designs are available.


Towel Rails etc

Towel rings and railsTowel rings and towel rails come in many shapes, styles and designs whether you want to hold a hand towel on a towel ring or a larger bath towel on a towel rail you have many options to choose from including traditional or modern styles so every bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom is catered for.


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